09 Feb

Recruitment of Assistants & Clerks at Cabinet Secretariat – 2014

Cabinet Secretariat(CABSEC), New Delhi(Government of India) invites applications from the eligible candidates for the recruitment of Lower Division Clerk & Assistant Posts. The total number of posts is not mentioned in the advertisement.

Name of Posts:

1. Lower Division Clerks (LDC)
Age Limit :For LDC : 18 years to 27 years
Pay Scale: Rs. 5200-20200 with grade pay of Rs. 1900.

2. Assistants.
Age Limit : Up to 30 years
Pay Scale: Rs. 9300-34800 with grade pay of Rs. 4600.

Minimum Educational Qualification :

1. For LDC :12th Class Pass from a Recognized Board. A Typing Speed of 35 WPM in English Or 30 WPM in Hindi on Computer Only.

2. For Assistant : Bachelors Degree from a Recognized University Or institution and should have Working Knowledge of computers.

Click here for Notification & Application Form:

Last Date of Submission of Application is 14th February 2014.

16 Jun

SSC Cabinet Secretariat Answer Key, Cutott & Results 2013(Field Officer, Reseach Officer, etc.)

SSC conducted the cabinet secretariat exam for the recruitment of various posts such as Deputy Field Officer, Research Officer, Personal Assistant, Stenographer, etc. on June 16, 2013. You can read the Cabinet Secretariat 2013 notification here.

Also Check out: Best Books for Cabinet Secretariat Exam 2013 here

SSC Cabinet Secretariat Exam 2013 Analysis:

We will talk about Deputy Field Officer(Tele & GD) and Research Officer exam here.

Maths & Reasoning: Maths and reasoning section were quite easy as compared to CGL exam. There was no Trigonometry and Geometry in Maths and there were only few questions from Algebra and Mensuration. The main focus on the Profit and Loss chapter.

English and General Awareness: English was average in difficulty level. General awareness was diffifult overall but some questions were quite easy.

So, overall the cutoff would be high keeping in mind the difficulty level of the entire exam pattern.

SSC Cabinet Secretariat Exam 2013 Answer Key:

Check out the answer key submitted by one of our readers. If you find any wrong answers, let us know in comments and we will update it with all the correct answers asap.

Exam: Deputy Field Officer(GD)
Test Form No.: 777 RN 8

Part A: General English

Questions 1 -5(Choose the correct alternative)

1) The activities of the club in the neighborhood – (C) Remained limited to
2) When you are dismissed from job – (B) Kick up a row
3) You can learn principles of government – (A) a study of history
4) Did you hear the last news – (C) latest news
5) Not a flower nor even a thorn – (B) was seen

Questions 6 -10(Choose the Best substitute)

6) Undue favor shown by a person – (C) Nepotism
7) An area controlled by a foreign ruler – (C) Colony
8) A person who lives for pleasure – (A) Hedonist
9) Loss of memory – (D) Amnesia
10) A raised place where offerings to God are made – (C) Altar

Questions 11-15(Correct Spellings)

11) Gallery(B)
12) Presumptuous(A)
13) Appalling(B)
14) Mottoes(C)
15) Lackadaisical(C)

Questions 16-20(Comprehension 1)

16) Full of moral authority – (C) One who continues to do what is required of him
17) Action become a habit – (C) Because we benefit from an action(irrespective of its nature)
18) Author view knowledge – (B) Not as power but as potential power
19) Real problem – (A) That we do not do what we know
20) Futility of waiting – (D) Most times we wait for the best way or opportunity

Questions 21-25(Comprehension 2)

21) Simple activates of eco warrior – (B) Bird watching and tree hugging
22) They hugged trees – (C) Protest against deforestation
23) Chipko movement and eco warrior motto – (B) Both strive for saving the environment
24) Who is eco warrior – (C) Saver of ecology
25) The word was coined in 21st century – (B) False

Questions 26-30(Common Errors)

26) We have plans – (B) to go very
27) He is – (B) too foolish
28) (A) He is too much worries
29) (A) it upset him
30) (A) My sister and myself

Questions 31-35(Choose the correct alternative)

31) (C) in the affirmative
32) I could not make – (B) out
33) (B) Although it was raining
34) (A) impasse
35) (A) it begins

Questions 36-40(Synonyms)

36) Mundane – Ordinary
37) Scepticism – Doubt
38) withstand – Endure
39) Conciliatory -Cordial
40) Insidious – Deceitful

Questions 41-45(Antonyms)

41) Exploit – Pamper
42) Acrimonious – Benevolent
43) Contemporary – New
44) Exonerate – Admit
45) Cordial – Unfriendly

Questions 46-50(Choose the best alternative- Idioms/Phrases)

46) (D) To do the work completely
47) (D) Became nervous (Butterflies in stomach)
48) (B) Work as fast as possible
49) (D) In a state of great anguish
50) (A) By a narrow margin

Part B – General Studies

51) Aerosol is a – (C) Liquid dispersed in a liquid
52) Food Cans are coated with Tin and not Zinc – (C) Zinc is more reactive
53) An antigen develops antibodies – (A) Immunoglobins
54) The shifting of a program – (D) Relocation
55) Not a valid topology – (D) Grid Topology
56) Hygrometer – (A) Relative Humidity
57) Biogas – (C) Methane
58) Iran Earthquake – (B) Iran
59) Peptide Bond – (D) Nucleic Acids
60) Theme of 2012 World Environment Day – (D) Green Economy
61) 3 State Red Corridor – (A) Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Jharkhand.
62) Shamshad Begum – (C) 94 years
63) Washing Machine Watts – (C) 500 W
64) Rex Bionics – (D) walk, stand, turn & climb
65) Ardha Satya – (A) Govind Nihalani
66) Ricinin – (B) Castor Bean
67) High blood pressure – (D) Omega 3
68) Wrongly matched – (D) Indus Water Treaty -Bangladesh
69) Sextant – (B) Height of an object
70) DBT – (C) Direct Benefit Transfer
71) The Number of workers – (C) Supply of Labour
72) Not a factor of production – (B) Organization
73) Demand of inferior Goods – (D) Decreases
74) Headquarter of RBI – (C) Mumbai
75) Not a foreign exchange reserves – (C) Silver Holding of the RBI
76) Lokayukta – (A) Maharashtra
77) Socialism is like a hat – (A) C. E. M. Joad
78) Survival of the fittest – (D) The Fascists
79) Quo-warranto – (B) With what authority
80) Goverment of India Act, 1935 – (C) Third Round Table Conference
81) (C) King Asoka, The Great, used to be called Devanampiya Priyadarshi
82) Sher Shah – (D) Panipat
83) Incarnation of Vishnu – (A) Chaitanya
84) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq- (C) Introduction of Token Currency
85) Nishka – (D) Vedic
86) The capacity of rock – (A) Permeability
87) Land of Ten Thousand Lakes – (B) Minnesota
88) Production of Grapes – (A) Tropical
89) Not a Biosphere Reserve – (A) Gulf of Mannar
90) Coral Sea – (B) Northeast coast of Australia
91) Tortoise Lives – (B) 100 years
92) A Dead & Protective Animal Structure –
93) Urobiology – (D) Urino-Genital System
94) Ecology coined by – (A) Haeckel
95) Virus Crystallized – (C) TMC
96) A leaf appears green in daylight – (C) Black
97) Light is a transverse wave – (D) Polarization
98) Date warehousing – (D) Databases
99) Scanning Electrons – (C) Three-dimensional
100) When sound travels from one place to another – (B) Frequency

Part C: Reasoning Ability

101) Missing Symbol – (D) W
104) (C) North East
105) Missing Number in Matrix –
106) (B) Grandfather
107) Animals live on oxygen – (D) Neither conclusion follows
108) Ankit is singer – (A) Only conclusion 1 follows
109) Number in only rectangle – (B) 12
110) Question figure from cut pieces – (A)
111) Number opposite 2 in cube – (B) 5
112) Star, Moomn and Mars – (B)
113) Question figure to complete pattern – (A)
114) Question figure – (C)
115) MOVE Mirror Image – (B)
116) Question figure hidden/embedded – (B)
117) Paper cut and folded – (B)
118) Market : Economy
119) AZ:BY:: DW:EV
120) DEF: UVW
122) Narmada Bachao Andolan: Medha Patkar
123) Ahmedabad:Cotton
124) 36:66
125) 37:6
126) 23: 252
127) (C) Right to study
128) (C) PN
129) (D) Commodore
130) (C) Raasthan:Jaisalmer
131) (C) 16,13
132) (C) 19,90
133) (C) 22, 211
134) (C) IF
135) (C) HT
136) (B) 2,3,4,1(Collect Date)
137) Pollen –
138) Infancy – (D) 1,4,3,2
139) (D) abaaab
140) (C) rrtSt
141) (B) 11
142) (D) 26
143) (D) 5
144) (D) OWM
145) NGOARE – (B) 3,5,4,1,2,6
146) (C) 39 – AVg of first 6 nos.
147) Frog jumps – (D) 10
148) Wrong Question
149) Geography – (C) FXDFZTBQK
150) Education – (A) UDETACNOI

Part D: Numerical Aptitude

151) (D) 28% – Discount of 10% & 20%
152) Dealer buys at Rs. 380 – (A) Rs. 500
153) Price of bicycle Rs 1200 – (A) Rs. 820.80
154) Wrist Watch of 450 – (D) 600
155) A-B/A+B=3/4 = (C) 11/23
156) Ratio of present ages 3:4 – (C) 35 years
157) Cost of books 4:3:1 – (A) 180
158) Weighs of Gold and water – (D) 18.5 gm
159) a,b,c,d,e five consecutive even integers – (B) a+4
160) Avg of p nos is q square – (A) pq
161) 3 years ago, the avg age of 5 members is 17 – (C) 2 years
162) Avg age of students is 22 years – (C) 18 years
163) Selling a computer for Rs. 24,000 – (A) Rs. 24,000
164) Dishonest Shopkeeper 950 gms – (B) 5 1/19%
165) Cloth merchant 25% rebate – (B) 5
166) Selling an article a person made 25% profit – (C) 20%
167) Length of rectangle decreased – (C) 8% increase
168) Numerator decrease by 25% – (D) 60%
169) When number decrease by 12%, it become 110 – (A) 125
170) Refrigerator 9200 – (A) Rs. 8000
171) A man borrows Rs. 2000 at 10% compoiund interest – (C) Rs. 1370
172) SUM of money at CI would fetch Rs. 723 more – (B) Rs. 30,000
173) Train 240 m Long – (A) 160
174) Student walks at 4Km /hr – (C) 5 Km

Histogram(Marks obtained by 40 Students)

175) (D) 50%
176) (D) 23
177) (A) 15%
178) (C) 09

Chart(Income of 20 workers)

179) (B) 15
180) Max number of workers – (A) 50-60
181) Min Number of workers – (C) 60-70
182) Mode – 72
183) Simplify – (C) 1 1/5
184) Value of 10.5-[3.3…. – (C) 4.5
185) Numerator and Denominator increased by 1 – (B) 1/2
186) The least no 5*15*13*26 -(D) 6
187) 3/4 part of a tank was full of oil – (B) 192 litres
188) The least no leaves the remained 2 – (B) 170
189) Square root of 1369= 37 – (A) 4.107
190) Smallest among the nos – (A) 1/square root of 10
191) Observe the pattern – (D) 30
192) The value of –
193) A and B can do a piece of work in 10 and 6 days respec. – (C) 10 days
194) A can do a work in 5 days – (B) 3 days
195) 16 men can complete in 12 days – (B) 16
197) A is the area – (D) C^2/4Pi
198) If the area of four walls be 100 sq. m. – (B) 125
199) A cone is 14.4 cm high – (D) 3.6 cm
200) The area of quad. ABCD is 35 sq. cm. – (A) 7 cm

We will update answer keys of other exams and Test Form Numbers in a few days. You are, till then, advised to bookmark this page and visit here again for more updates. Also like our Facebook page for regular updates.

Recruitment for Various posts in Cabinet Secretariat Exam., 2013 –
keys used by the Commission for the different question paper/Test Forms
Booklets – (Official Answer Keys)


CLICK HERE TO VIEW KEY(16-06-2013-Morning)

CLICK HERE TO VIEW KEY(16-06-2013-Evening)

SSC Cabinet Secretariat Exam 2013 Cutoff:

The cutoff for Pre exam is expected to be more than 115 as the seats are very less in number. But as the descriptive paper carry 300 marks, cutoff for Pre won’t be that high as expected earlier. Also, Tier 1 paper is only qualifying. Final selection is based on the combined score of Tier 2 + Interview.
Click here to read the full notification to read the paper pattern for paper 2(Descriptive paper).

Negative Marking or Not?:

All the candidates are really confused about whether there was negative marking in the paper or not. Though nothing specific was mentioned about negative marking on the question paper, but all SSC exams have negative marking. So, there is a high chance of having negative marking in this exam also.
We will update more about negative marking confusion once the official confirmation is out regarding this.

SSC Cabinet Secretariat Exam 2013 Results:

The official answer keys will be published on SSC website in a month or so. The result and cutoff announcement could take up more than 2 months as SSC efficiency is not as fast as it was earlier.
We wish all the candidates best of luck.
If you have any query, ask in comments.

05 Jun

Download Admit Card/Hall Ticket for SSC Cabinet Secretariat Exam 2013

SSC is conducting the Cabinet Secretariat Exam on June 16, 2013 for the recruitment of various posts such as Deputy Field officer(DFO), Stenographer, Research Officer(RO), etc. The objective and descriptive written exam will be conducted all over India at various centres assigned by Staff Selection Commission.

There are many websites of SSC where admit card/hall ticket is available to download for Cabinet Secretariat Exam 2013. The official website of SSC can be visited at www.ssc.nic.in. But the admit card is available on the regional websites of SSC. There are total of 9 regional websites of SSC.

Download Admit Card/Hall Ticket for SSC Cabinet Secretariat Exam 2013:

For North Region, New Delhi – Visit http://sscnr.net.in/
For East Region, Kolkata – Visit http://www.sscner.org.in/
For Central region, Allahabad – Visit http://www.ssc-cr.org/
For South region, Chennai – Visit http://www.sscsr.gov.in/
For West region, Mumbai – Visit http://www.sscwr.net/
For North-West region, Chandigarh – Visit http://www.sscnwr.org/
For North-East region, Guhawati – Visit http://www.sscer.org/
For Karnataka region, Bangalore – Visit http://www.ssckkr.kar.nic.in/
For MP region, Raipur – Visit http://www.sscmpr.org/

You need to check these based on your examination centers. Various posts that are available via this Cabinet Secretariat exam are really good if you want to build a career in central government cadre. We have also prepared a list of book to prepare for Cabinet Secretariat exam 2013.

To find out more about this job, read the official notification here.

24 May

Best Books for SSC Cabinet Secretariat(Stenographer, Field Officer, RO, etc.) Exams 2013

SSC is conducting the recruitment exam for various posts in Cabinet Secretariat such as Deputy Field Officer(GD & Tele), Stenographer, Research Officer, Personal Assistant, etc. on June 17, 2013. This is a three tier selection recruitment where the first exam is objective, second is descriptive and third is interview. Final selection would be based on total of all these three exams. Read more about this Cabinet Secretariat recruitment here.

You can find more about paper pattern of all these posts in this notification PDF here.

Check out the best books for SSC Cabinet Secretariat Exam 2013:

As the first(Tier 1) exam is objective based, its pattern is almost similar to any other SSC exam such as CGL, FCI, etc. There would be four sections(except in Stenographer and Personal assistant) viz. English, Reasoning, Maths and General Awareness. In PA and stenographer exam, there would be only two sections viz. General English and General Awareness. Read more about the pattern in the PDF given above.

1) English Language & Comprehension by Kiran Prakashan: Good book for all these posts for preparation of objective English.

2) Descriptive General English by Arihant Publications: One of the best book for preparation of descriptive English for exams such as SSC, UPSC, IBPS, etc.

3) Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations by R. S. Aggarwal One of the best book for quantitative and Numerical Aptitude.

4) A Modern Approach To Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal: The best book for preparation of verbal and non-verbal reasoning for preparation of all competitive exams.

5) Lucent’s General Knowledge 3rd Edition: The best book to prepare for General awareness section. If you want GK section in precise form, check out the Manohar Pandey and Arihant’s book given below.

6) Books designed specially for Cabinet Secretariat Exam 2013: Check out the books by GK Publications, Kiran Publications and RPH Editorial board specially designed as per the pattern of various posts of Cabinet Secretariat exam 2013.

a) Cabinet Secretariat Exam Guide (TIER-I):

b) SSC Staff Selection Commission Recruitment Examination Tier-1 in Cabinet Secretariat: Grade ‘B'(Research Officer, Deputy Field Officer(Tele and GD) Including Practice Paper:

c) SSC Cabinet Secretariat Stenographer Group C & Personal Assistant Exam Practice Work Book:

You can check more books for SSC Exams here.

18 Mar

Deputy Field Officer, Research Officer, etc Posts in Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India

Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India invites applications from the Indian national for the various posts such as Deputy Field Officer(Tele & GD), Research Officer(Economics), Personal Assistant, and Stenographer.

Important Dates:

Date of Notification: March 16, 2013
Last Date to apply online: April 17, 2013
Tier 1 Exam Date: 17.06.2013

How to Apply:

Apply online at www.ssconline2.gov.in. Only online applications (Annexure-I) will be accepted.

Scheme of Examination:

There is a 3 tier selection process. Tier 1 is an objective type examination. Tier 2 is descriptive examination followed by interview in Tier 3. To know more about the pattern of exam, download the notification link given below.

See Also: Best Books for Cabinet Secretariat Exam 2013

About Various Job Profiles and Eligibility Conditions:

You can only apply to one job profile as per your eligibility criteria. There will be different exam for each post. You can read more about the jobs, minimum eligibility and other details in the full notification here.