04 Feb

SSC CGL Job Profiles: Excise Inspector, Income Tax Inspector(ITI), Assistant & Cypher in MEA, CBI, Assistants, etc.

SSC CGL exam is around the corner. You can read the notification here. Many aspirants who are filling the form for the first time are confused regarding the job profiles in the CGL examination. Let’s talk about all the job profiles in SSC CGL Examination.

There are two types of Jobs in SSC CGL Examination:

A) Desk Jobs: These include jobs such as Assistants, Tax assistants, Auditors, Accountants, upper division clerks, etc. The working hours of desk jobs are fixed such as 9-5. (in almost all cases, except Assistant (Cypher). There are no uniforms and weapons. Social status and power is also less as compared to field jobs. Desk jobs are good if you are not concerned about earning lots of money and want a social and family life.

B) Field Jobs: These include jobs such as Excise Inspectors, Income tax inspectors, preventive officers, examiners, narcotics, CBI, etc. There is of traveling involved such as inspections, carrying out raids, surveillance etc. You will have to work on weekends also. Social status and power is high in field jobs. Also includes uniforms and weapon training.

Click here to download the PDF explaining promotions, transfers, job codes, type of work, etc. about all the job profiles in SSC CGL Examination. Thanks to mrunal.org for this amazing explanation.
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