04 Feb

State Codes in SSC CGL Examination

Check out the state codes in the SSC CGL examination if you are filling the form offline. SSC will make state-wise allocation of the candidates taking his position in the merit list and option exercised for the post. The state/UTs for the purpose are grouped and coded below:

Codes – State

A – Andhra Pradesh
B – Arunachal Pradesh
C – Assam
D – Bihar
E – Chattisgarh
F – Delhi
G – Gujarat
H – Goa, Daman & Diu
I – Himachal Pradesh
J – Jammu & Kashmir
K – Jharkhand
L – Kerala & Lakshadweep
M – Karnataka
N – Maharashtra, Dadra & Nagar Haveli
O – Madhya Pradesh
P – Manipur
Q – Meghalaya
R – Mizoram
S – Nagaland
T – Orissa
U – Punjab, Haryana & CHandigarh
V – Rajasthan
W – Tripura
X – Tamil Nadu and Puducherry
Y – Uttarakhand
Z – Uttar Pradesh
$ – West Bengal & Sikkim
# – Andaman & Nicobar

Candidates are advised to opt for the state/UTs carefully as the option exercised in the application form will be final and no change will be allowed under any circumstances.

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