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UGC NET June 2013 Answer Key, Cutoff & Results

UGC conducted the NET(National Eligibility Test) on June 30, 2013. The test was conducted for the award for lectureship certificate and Junior Research Fellowship to the successful candidates. The written test included three papers. The 1st paper was of General Aptitude test and it was compulsory for candidates of all the subjects. The second and third paper was according to the syllabus of subjects chosen by the candidates. There was no negative marking in the whole exam and all the three papers of UGC NET JUNE 2013 were conducted on the same day.

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UGC NET JUNE 2013 Cutoff:

The process to award the NET certificate is pretty straight forward. You need to get minimum 40% in paper 1 & paper 2 and 50% in paper 3(For General candidates). The top 15% candidates (for each subject and category), who clear minimum marks, will be declared NET qualified for eligibility for lectureship only. A separate list would be prepared for the award of JRF from the NET qualified students. Check out more details here.

The official cutoff for this year will be declared only after the results will be announced. But according to general prediction, it would be pretty much like the last year as the paper was almost similar in difficulty level.

UGC NET JUNE 2013 Answer Key:

Paper 1(Compulsory for candidates of all the subjects – Test Booklet Code Z):

1) Percentage share of renewable energy= (C) 10-12%
2) Categories the enrollment of students in higher education in 2010-11= (A) OBC Students
3) Not correct about UGC= (D) It receives funds from state govts. in respect of State Universities
4) Should India switch to a two party system? = (C) Both the arguments are correct
5) Should persons with criminal background be banned from elections?= (A) Only argument 1 is strong
6) Correct about a judge of Supreme court= (B) 1,3 and 4
7) The speaker of Lok Sabha comes next only to= (A) The president
8) The black board can be utilized best by a teacher= (C) writing the imp. and notable points
9) The effective mode of learning= (D) Blended learning
10) Most of the teachers should be women because= (D) can deal with children with love and affection
11) Highest order of learning= (D) Conditioned reflex learning
12) A person can enjoy teaching as a profession=(B) commands respect from students
13) A diagram speaks more than 1000 words= (C) Use teachings aids in the class
14) A research paper =(C) contains peer -reviewed……
15) Good research ethics= (B) Conducting a review of the literature that….
16) Sampling not based on probability= (C) Quota Sampling
17) Written as MLA format= (D)
18) A workshop is= (D) A brief intensive course for a small group..
19) A working hypothesis= (C) a provisionally accepted hypothesis….

English Comprehension:

20) (B) Makrana
21) The popular name Taj Mahal given by=(D) European travelers
22) True statement= (D)
23) In Contemporary texts, the Taj Mahal is known= (D) Rauza-i- Munavvara
24) (C) 1632-1643 AD
25) (A) Farman

26) Process of Communication= (C) Comm., Message, Medium, Receiver, Effect
27) Bengal Gazatte= (B) James Hicky
28) Press Censorship=(C) Indira Gandhi
29) Communication via New Media= (B) Interactive Communication
30) Classroom Communication rests on the principle of= (B) Edutainment
31) (B) Empathy is important when a teacher communicates with a students.
33) 45 matches were played= (B) 10
34) Missing number = (B) 270
35) The number at 6th position= (C) 33
36) The mean of four numbers = (D) 110
37) If the radius of a circle increased by 50%= (D) 50%
38) If “Some men are honest’ is false, then = (B) (ii), (iii), and (iv)
39) Teacher = (D) Wisdom
40) P is the father of R= (B) Sister-in-law
41) A definition put forward to resolve a dispute= (B) Persuasive
42) Venn Diagrams= (A) (i), (ii) and (iii)
43) Inductive reasoning presupposes= (C) Uniformity in Human nature

Area Under Major Horticulture Crops(Table):

44) Two years with highest rate of increase in area= (B) 2006-07 and 2008-09
45) Shares of the area under flower, vegetables and fruits= (B) 30, 38 and 1 percent
46) Highest rate of increase in area during 2005-06 and 2009-10= (C) Flowers
47) Increase by 10 percent= (B) Vegetables
48) (B) 68 percent
49) (A) 2006-07

50) (C) World Wide Web
51) A hard disk is divided = (B) Sectors
52) (A) Compiler
53) A Gigabyte is equal to= (A) 1024 Megabytes
54) A compiler is a software which converts = (B) High level language to machine language
55) Virtual Memory is = (C) An illusion of extremely large main memory
56) Tragedy of commons is= (C) Degradation of renewable free access resources
57) Kyoto Protocol= (C) Climate Change
58) (B) Refrigeration and Air conditioning
59) The smog in cities consists of = (C) Carbon Monoxide and SPM
60) Highest potential to cause damage to humans= (A) Earthquakes

We will also post answers of Paper 2 and Paper 3 of different subjects in the coming days. You are advised to bookmark this page and visit here again regularly for more updates on the answer keys of different subjects of UGC NET JUNE 2013.

UGC NET JUNE 2013 Results:

The results of UGC NET JUNE 2013 would be announced in 3-4 months. First, in a month or two, the official answer keys would be released by UGC and then only the final results of candidates would be announced. You are advised to follow us on Facebook for regular updates on UGC NET and various study material.

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