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Questions Asked in SBI PO Preliminary Exam 2015

Check out the Questions Asked in SBI PO Preliminary Exam 2015:


Linear Arrangement :

1. E F G H P Q R and S are eight persons sittiing in a straight line facing north but not necessarily in the same order. H sits fourth to the left of Q and either H or Q sits at the extreme ends of the line.. G sits third to the left of Q. E is second to the right of S and S is not a neighbor of Q. F & P are immediate neighbors to each other and F doesn’t sit near G.

2. There are Eight persons ABCDSTUV sitting in a row facing north.. T is on the extreme left end and there are three person between T and S. only one person sit between S and A. B is second to the left of S. C is not on immediate neighbour of S and A. D is Second to the right of C. U is not at the extreme end.

Directions : Point C is 35 kms to the west of point D. Point C lies 25 kms north of point A. Point B lies 60 kms east of point A. Point E and F lie on either side of B at a distance of 50 kms from each other with B in centre. Point E is to the north of B. Point E is how many kms far and in which direction from point D?

Quantitative Aptitude Section:

Quadratic Equations :

1. x^2 = 81 ; y^2 +18y+81=0
2. x^2 +15x+36=0 ; 5y^2+29y+36=0
3. x^2-22x+117=0
4. 3x^2+14x+15=0

Number series :

1. 13 13 19.5 39 97.5 ?
2. 3.3 6.9 13.2 17.1 23.2 ?
3. 24 12 12 18 ? 90

Arithmetic :

1. There are 5 red,5 black,5 green balls in a bag. If 2 balls are drawn at random what is the probability that at least 1 is green?

2. A person buys a product & sells it at a discount of 20% which leads to a loss of 10%. If the MRP of the product is 4800 what percentage should be discounted from MRP by the person in order to get a profit of Rs. 440?

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