12 Sep

20 Difficult Idioms for Exams and Learning

Beat around the bushTo avoid talking about what’s important
Get your act togetherGet organized and do things effectively
Hit the sackGo to sleep
Your guess is as good as mineI do not know
Good things come to those who waitTo have patience
Back against the wallStuck in a difficult circumstance with no escape
Up in armsBeing grumpy or angry about something
Scrape the barrelMaking the most of the worst situation or things because you can’t do anything about it
Burn your boats/bridgesDoing something that makes it impossible to go back to the original state.
Break fresh/ new groundDoing something that has never been done before
Sell like hot cakesQuick sellout
Run around in circlesPutting efforts into something that is not worthwhile result
On cloud nineBeing very happy
Left out in the coldBeing ignored
Blow hot and coldAlternate inconsistently between moods and actions
Cut cornersDoing something in an easier and least expensive manner
Boil the oceanTaking up an almost impossible or overly ambitious project
Keep an ear to the groundStaying informed and updated about everything
Eat like a horseEating too excessively
A snowball effectThe aspect of momentum in every event and how they build upon each other

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