23 Jul

11th BPS SETTLEMENT MOI – INCREASE in Family Pension

The only bright spot for retirees in 11th BPS is improvement in Family Pension.
(That too an informal information)
A sample calculation on Dec 2019 DA %:
*Family Pension Clarification:*
*(Based on last drawn Basic Pay+Spl.Pay+PQA+FPP)*
*For 10th B.P.S*
*Up to Rs.* *11000=30%*
*11001 to 22200=20%*
*Above 22201 =15%*
*A Spl.Asst. last drawn B.P.*
*His Basic Pension=23755*
*His Pension+D.A(71.70%)*
*After commutation =32869*
*Family Pension as per formula comes to*
*Basic pension*
*9337 ( works out to 19.65% of Last drawn B.P.) +D.A. 6694 =16031*
*If the basic is higher than 47510 ,then this 19.65% will still be reduced.*
*Our demand is to raise this percentage to 30% without slab system, as per Central/State Govt. pension scheme*
*If accepted, revised Family Pension in this case will be*
Hence new Family Pension= 24472
Old Family Pension=16031

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