17 Oct

Why International Day of Peace is celebrated ?

Why International Day of Peace is celebrated ? On every year 21 September The General Assembly has declared the International Day of Peace to recognise the efforts of those who have worked hard to eliminate the conflicts and promote peace. It is devoted to reinforcing the ideals of peace, both within the nations and people. […]

17 Oct

All about Bombay Blood Group

All about Blood Groups Normally it is believed that the rare blood group is O negative, which is very difficult to get because it is found only in selected people. But rather than O negative there is a rarest blood group that is found in any one of the millions of people, and its name […]

07 Sep

List of Brand Ambassadors in India

List of Brand Ambassadors in India: Click Here To Like our Facebook Page to get regular jobs, exams and study material updates. 1. Aamir Khan— No any Endorsement 2. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan–Coke, Longiness, Lux, Eye Bank Association of India, L’oreal, Pulse Polio Campaign 3. Akshay Kumar–Dollar Club Vests, Levi’s, LG, Micromax, Thums Up 4. Amitabh […]

04 Jul

GST Questions for Government Exams

GST Questions for Government Exams: The government has recently launched GST regime, effective from July 1, 2017. What is GST ? Ans : Goods and Services Tax (GST) GST is a ___________ based tax on consumption of goods and services. Ans : destination based India has chosen ____________ model of dual-GST ? Ans : Canadian […]

24 May

Computer Questions for Bank Exams

Computer Awareness is an important section in bank recruitment’s Examination. Practice with Computer questions for  Bank Exams and SBI PO 2017 Examination. Q1. Which of the following device used ‘set of beads’ to represent the unit of data?  (a) ENIAC (b) EDVAC (c) Abacus (d) MARK-I (e) None of these   Q2. Antikythera mechanism was mainly used […]