25 May

SBI PO: Marketing Quiz

SBI PO: Marketing Quiz Q1. Which of the following statement is FALSE ? (1) Marketing is a consumer – oriented process. (2) Marketing is much more than selling and advertising. (3) The concept of marketing is a narrow term. (4) Marketing starts even before production starts. (5) Marketing helps the enterprise to adapt to the […]

25 May

SBI PO: Computer Quiz

SBI PO: Computer Quiz Q1. Which of the following identifies a specific web page and its computer on the Web? 1) Web site 2) Web site address 3) URL 4) Domain Name 5) All of above Q2. Software, such as Explorer and Firefox, are referred to as _____. 1) Systems software 2) Utility software 3) […]

22 May


COUNTRIES & ITS PARLIAMENT. ——————————————– Afghanistan — Shoora Andorra — General Council Albania — People’s Assembly Azerbaijan — Melli Majlis Algeria — National People’s Assembly Angola — National People’s Assembly Argentina — National Congress Australia — Federal Parliament Austria — National Assembly Bahamas — General Assembly Bahrain — Consultative Council Bangladesh — Jatiya Sansad Belize […]

22 May

SBI PO 2015 Preliminary Test Important Topic Wise Syllabus

SBI PO Preliminary Test Wise Topic (Good to Cover – Analysis ) : 1. REASONING ABILITY : statements & Assumptions , puzzle test, statement and Course of Action, statement and Conclusion , inference ,input and out put , Venn Diagrams, sitting arrangements , mathematical Operations ,Blood relation , ranking and Number Test, Distance and Directions […]

19 May

First in India

First in India ============= 1. Name of the first Atomic Submarine of India ? I.N.S Chakra 2. What is the name of first British to visit India ? Hawkins 3. Name of the first election commissioner of India ? Sukumar Sen. 4. Name of the first university of India ? Nalanda University. 5. Where is […]

19 May

List of Computer Hardware with Their Inventors

List of Computer Hardware with Their Inventors ====================================== Keyboard:- Herman Hollerith (1930’s) Transistor:-John Bardeen,Walter Brattain and Wiliam Shockley (1947-1948) RAM:-An Wang and Jay Forrester (1951) Trackball:-Tom Cranston and Fred Longstaff (1952) Hard Disk:- IBM ,The IBM model 350 Disk file (1956) Integrated Circuit :- Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce (1958) Scanner :- Rudolph Hell in […]

17 May

Best Books for CBSE NET June 2015 (All Subjects – HRM, Management, Commerce, Hindi, Computer Science, History, etc.)

CBSE is again conducting the Net Eligibility Test(NET) on June 28, 2015 for determining the eligibility of Indian nationals for the Eligibility for Assistant Professor only or Junior Research Fellowship & Eligibility for Assistant Professor Both in Indian universities and colleges. CBSE will conduct NET in 84 subjects at 89 selected NET Examination Cities spread […]

14 May

Daily Current Affairs : May 13, 2015

Daily Current Affairs : 13.05.2015 *********************************************** 1). RBI advised all Public Sector Banks to appoint Internal Ombudsman 2). India Post launched Dedicated E-Commerce Centre in New Delhi 3). KV Kamath appointed as first President of New Development Bank of BRICS nations 4). PM Narendra Modi launched Atal Pension Yojana (APY) for unorganised sector workers 5). […]