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Top 100+ IBPS Interview Questions(PO, Clerk, SO, etc.)

Top 100+ IBPS Interview Questions(PO, Clerk, SO, etc.):

Part A

1. How can you be useful to our bank?
2. Why should we selected you?
3. Why are you applying for bank with technical degree?
4. Are not you overqualified for this post?
5. Which bank recently got submerged in SBI?
6. What is your strength? What you know about bank?
7. What are the different types of bank?
8. Which is the youngest/Latest public sector bank?
9. What is the objective of establishing BMB?
10. Who is the chairperson of PNB?
11. Name three ladies CEO in a chair persons
12. What are the banking apex institution?
13. Who is the owner of RRB?
14. What is the main source of banks incomes?
15. What is balance sheet?
16. What are the current asset/Liabilities?
17. Name the assets/liability product?
18. Name the third party product?
19. Difference between credit card debit card?
20. Difference between RTGS/NEFT?
21. What the latest changes in financial sector?
22. What is REPO RATE/SLR/ CAR/CRR/Inflation (How it is controlled)?
23. Money laundering?
24. What is financial literacy?
25. What is financial inclusion?
26. What is NPA?
27. What are the qualities of a good clerk?
28. What is CASA? Importance of CASA?
29. 2014 noble peace price?
30. phishing/RTI/SAGY/PMJDY/Bharat rattan/Jeevan parman/ EBOLA/play my way/CEO of Microsoft.
31. What is East India policy?
32. Which operating system used in banks?
33. Which is the official language of bank? When did Rajbasha day celebrate?
34. Who is the Speaker of rajsabha/Army chief/Election commission?
35. Type of term loan/DBT?
36. How is the most mentioned personality on social networking?
37. When did world yoga day celebrate?
38. Who was the parade commander of 66th Republic day.
39. Situation that irritating you?
40. Time when your are superior shouted you?
41. What motivates you most?
42. What you most proud of?
43. What is most important to you in a job?
44. Thinking of most difficult person who you will deal?
45. Would you like to a team leader or a team player?
46. Example of short term and long term loan?
47. What is Retail banking?
48. What are the interest rate on saving/current a/c?
49. If you got selected in PO, can you leave out bank?
50. What are your hobbies, internet?

Part B:

IBPS Interview Questions Asked in various centers
(1) Tell me About Yourself?
(2) Diff bet. GDP & GNP ?
(3) What is Boyle’s Law?
(4) What is law of Motion?
(5) then my hobbies?
(6) my strengths & weakness?
(7) they give me a paper to find hexadecimal of 45?
(8) are u a team player?
(9) Why u want join banks?
(10) can u tell me the statistics about the growth in banks?
(11) What is the difference between credit n debit card??
(12) How can an illiterate person use card if he doesn’t know how to use it and enter d pin?
(13) Is there ant ATM without a PIN?
(14) What about d ppl in rural areas who are illiterate and how will they be able to use cards n all.?
(15) what is liquidity?
(16) who is the regulator of banks?
(17) Functions of RBI?
(18) Do you have bank a/c?
(19) in which bank?
(20) which type of account?
(21) How much of interest they are giving to you?
(22) What type of Demand Loans are introduced by Andhra bank?
(23) do you know about SHG? EXPLAIN IT.
(24) what is financial inclusion ?
(25) who introduced financial inclusion ?
(26) How many type of accounts ?
(27) What is priority sector?
(28) In education loan there is need of any colletral security ?
(29) limit for education loan?
(30) what is demat account ?
(31) who does open demat account and can a bank it
(32) You have done mca in 2011…after it wht u have done …n why banking ?
(33) what is rdbms ?
(34) rdbms softwares ?
(35) what lastest version of oracle 9i ?
(36) what is normalisation ?
(37) which N-form most use in normalisation ?
(38) is bitcoin ?
(39) who is telecommunication minister ?
(40) latest news by supreme court about adhar card ?
(41) What is a bank??
(42) As a bank employee what should we want to do for bank??
(43) How your field useful to bank??
(44) What is the problems at present public facing in the Public sector banks??
(45) What is your score??
(46) Will you serve in the bank upto the end??
(47) Who is the chairman of SBI??
(48) What is the full form of ATM??
(49) ग्रेजुएशन किस सब्जेक्ट से किया है ?
(50) तो बी.टेक करते हुए सोचा था की बैंक ज्वाइन करोगे ?
(51) तो अब फिर बैंकिंग क्यों ?
(52) बैंक क्या है ?
(53) रेपो रेट क्या है ?
(54) कितनी है रेपो रेट ?
(55) रिवर्स रेपो रेट क्या है ?
(56) किन्ही तीन बैंकों के नाम और उनके चेयरपर्सन के नाम बताओ?
(57) SBI के चेयरपर्सन कौन है ?
(58) किसी बैंक में अकाउंट खोलने के लिए क्या क्या डॉक्यूमेंट जरुरी होता है?
(59) आज की कोई दो हैडलाइन बताओ ?
(60) RTI और RTE क्या हैं ?
(61) You have completed MCA now why u have chosen banking sector ?
(62) What is www?
(63) What is CRR and SLR
(64) what is augusta westland deal ?
(65) Who is the health minister of delhi ?
(66) who is chief election commissioner of india ?
(67) What is your opinion about arvind kejriwal ?
(68) Do u think arvind kejriwal can change the face of Indian politics.
(69) Current Repo rate,bank rate,Reverse repo rate ?
(70) Your hobbies
(71) What have you done in your graduation?
(72) Tell me about your father’s profession
(73) Who regulates insurance sector?
(74) Where is it’s headquarter?
(75) Who regulates share market?
(76) Where is its HQ & who is chairman?
(77) What is difference between Primary & Secondary market?
(78) What is IPO?
(79) What is Follow up IPO? If IPO has already issued then what is the need of it?
(80) What is RBI?
(81) does it regulate cooperative banks also?
(82) Do u have any bank account?
(83) Who is head of SBI?
(84) Have you heard about CSR?
(85) Tell me 2 companies which are following CSR?
(86) Tell me 2 names of public & pvt banks who’s head is a woman
(87) Earlier u said that RBI controls monetary policy, when govt. passes the budget then what is the need of monetary policy?
(88) what is reverse repo rate?
(89) current reverse repo rate is?
(90) when RBI borrows from other banks, then money in market increases or decreases?
(91) what is LT, ST, MT
(92) after that Infrastructure Sector me kuan si financing hoti hai ST,LT
(93) Who is the CJI of India.
(94) Who is the CVC
(95) Who is the CIO
(96) Who is the Chief election Officer.
(97) What is the function of Financial Management.
(98) What is BEP..
(99) who control the working of banks & how
(100) Asked me about 2 Rates
(101) What is current Bank Rate
(102) What are basic A/c Principals..
(103) Liability & assets side of Banks
(104) What is Sarfaesi act
(105) What is NPA
(106) What is the serious problem that the economy is facing
(107) What is cad
(108) How can u suit yourself in a bank
(109) Where u have worked?
(110) After MBA, why you want to join Bank, and how u are useful to us?
(111) Difference between Sales and Marketing?
(112) Types of customers?
(113) Difference between World Bank and IMF?
(114) Difference between money Market and Capital market?
(115) Last question regarding Bhartiya Mahila Bank?
(116) which year you completed your B. com?
(117) favorite sub which i told account then they ask why loan and investment come in balance sheet?
(118) when i told them but said why it is shown under investment head then i said sorry i dont remember .
(119) what is fund flow ..
(120) What is your favorite chapter in account i told cost acc..
(121) what is opportunity cost. Absolute cost ..
(122) if u take loan from bank which side in balance sheet com ..
(123) what u know about banking?
(124) how rupees value getting depreciated? i
(125) What are the measures to control depreciation .
(126) What types of crops in ur region they grow commonly?
(127) wht are your hobbies?
(128) What are todays headlines?
(129) Do you support AAP?
(130) Tell me wht is CRR and how RBI uses this as a tool for various purposes?

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