07 Mar

How to prepare notes for any government exams

Making good study-notes is very crucial in the preparation for any government or entrance exam. A student needs to start preparing notes from the start. Having good study-notes helps you in learning your lessons easily and also helps a great deal in the revision just before exam.

Apart from that, Study-notes helps you prepare for the next examination in a very less time as it contains all the important points for your revision.

The following are the Characteristics of Good Study Notes:

-They are Easy to understand and learn
-It saves your precious time
-It contains the important ideas of class-lecture and book
-It has data for preparation for exam in a proper sequence
-It has collective extracts from many books – you don’t need read many books
-It tells you how to present your answer in exam
-Being made by you, you can feel confident about it & acquainted with it
– It helps in revision again and again

Check out the video below which guides you through to prepare good study notes:

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