12 Jun

Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) To Hire from IBPS Wait-listed Candidates

In a move that will benefit lot of candidates from all over India, Non Banking Financial Companies have decided to hire candidates who cleared the IBPS PO 2 or IBPS Clerk 2 examination but could not get any allotment due to low marks overall. This move will help both NBFCs by saving lot of money that is used in the recruitment process and candidates who have missed the final selection in the IBPS process.

More than 70,000 candidates who cleared the IBPS PO 2 and Clerk 2 exam are still in wait list due to less number of vacancies available in the banks. Now this step will help those candidates to get a job easily without giving any other exam.

In the recently concluded IBPS PO 2 and Clerk 2 exam, around 1,25,000 candidates have been selected after written test and interview but only 55,000 candidates have been allotted any of the government bank and still 70,000 are yet to get a job.

Non-Banking Financial Companies are taking this step to speed up the recruitment process and it will save lot of government’s money.

Recently, Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) Chairman Sushil Munot said, “It is good to recruit and hire from the readily available candidates. It is fast & cost effective.”

Rajasthan Financial Corporation will be the first non-banking company, that will be hiring from the same pool of students who could not get any selection via IBPS process. The state government subsidiary will hire 10 candidates.

Non Banking Financial Companies – will soon send communication regarding these upcoming vacancies to Waiting list Candidates interested in joining non-banking jobs vacancies. The waiting list of candidates will be valid for season 2013-14 only. Next year, IBPS PO 3 and IBPS Clerk 3 waiting list will be considered for selection in Non Banking Financial Companies.

All the best to all the candidates.

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