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NICL(National Insurance) AO 2013 – Exam Review, Cutoff & Results

National Insurance Company Limited(NICL) conducted the written exam for the selection of Administrative Officers(AO) – (Generalist and Specialist) in four general insurance companies. The written exam was conducted on September 8, 2013.

The paper pattern of the Exam includes 100 objective questions for 100 marks and 50 marks for descriptive part. The total time was of 3 hours.

NICL(National Insurance) AO 2013 – Exam Review:

Numerical Aptitude & Computer:

Mathematics questions were very essay but computer section was tough(around 10 questions) for candidates with little to average knowledge of computers.

Some of the questions of this section(based on memory):
1) Bits in 8K RAM
2) 1201*1201
3) Which network is packet switching network.
4) RAM is short memory because…etc.


One of the most easiest section of the entire exam. Except 2-3 questions, all the questions were easy.

Some of the questions of this section(based on memory):
1) Missing Number
2) How many rectangles are there in the figure.
3) Relation Questions.
4) 5:6:8:?…etc.

General Awareness:

The level of toughness of GK section was moderate. Questions based on current affairs and basic general knowledge.

Some of the questions of this section(based on memory):
1) 2000th Test Match between India and …?
2) Alternative name for food security(PDA)
3) Think Different’ slogan is of which company.
4) Country with highest literacy rate…etc.


The level of toughness of English section was easy to moderate. Questions based on common errors, antonyms, synonyms, direct-indirect, etc.

Descriptive English:

The total marks of descriptive English are 50. It was divided into three sections viz. Comprehension(20 marks), Essay(20 marks) and Precis(10 marks).

The topics of Essay were How Mobile Phones are changing the way we communicate, Economic Meltdown and Privatization of Insurance.

SO, overall the paper was easy.

NICL(National Insurance) AO 2013 – Cutoff and Results:

The cutoff is expected to be very high this time as there was enough time to do the exam easily and questions were easy. The overall cutoff out of 150 marks is expected to be more than 100 marks.

The results would be announced in a month or two. Like our Facebook page to stay updated with all the government jobs and results.

Update: Click here to check the result of re-exam.
The interviews would be conducted in 2nd week of March.

Click here to check NICL AO Specialists Librarians final result(interview) here.

Click here to chech NICL AO Specialists Auto mobiles Engineers final result(interview) here.

NICL AO Generalists final result would be announced very soon

Check the final results of NICL AO Generalists here.

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