16 Aug

List of Sports and Their Trophies

List of Sports and Their Trophies
❉ Cricket:
Irani Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Ranji Trophy, Vizzy Trophy, Asia cup, Deodhar Trophy, CK Naidu Trophy, Cooch Behar Trophy

❉ Hockey:
Agha Khan Cup, Azlan Shan Cup, Nehru Trophy, Dhyanchand Trophy, Beighton Cup, Scindia Gold Cup, Modi Gold Cup, Indira Gandhi Gold Cup, Rangaswami Cup, Khan Abdul Gaffar Cup

❉ Football:
Durand Cup, Nizam Gold Cup, Rover Cup, Sanjay Gold Cup, Santhosh Trophy, Subroto Mukhery Cup, Vittal Trophy, Nehru Gold Cup

❉ Table Tennis:
Corbillion Cup (Women), Jayalaxmi Cup (Women), Swaything Cup (Men)

❉ Golf:
Canada Cup, Mthian Gold Cup, Ryder Cup, Walker Cup

❉ Badminton:
Thomas Cup (Men), Uber Cup (Women), Narang Cup

❉ Lawn Tennis:
Davis Cup, Hamlet Cup, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US open

❉ Rowing:
Wellington Trophy

❉ Boxing:
Aspy Adjania Trophy

❉ Bridge:
Ruia Trophy

❉ Polo:
Ezra Cup, Winchestor Cup, Radha Mohan Cup

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