27 May

Learn the part of the constitution of India-Part A(Tricks)

Check out the tricks to learn parts of the constitution:

U Ci F DI में US Bhi UP se आगे है l

I U Union & Its Territory: Articles 1-4 Territory of India,, admission,,establishment or formation of new states

II Ci Citizenship: Articles 5-11 Citizenship

III F Fundamental Right: Articles 12-35 Fundamental Rights

IV Di Directive Principles of State Policy IV A: Articles 36-51 Directive Principles of State Policy

V U Union: Articles 52-151 Government at the Union level

VI S State: Articles 152-237 Government at the State level

VII B Deals with States in Part of B of its schedule: Article 238 Deals with states in Part B of the First Schedule. It was repealed by 7th Amendment in 1956.

VIII U Union Territory: Articles 239-241 Administration of Union Territories

IX P Panchayats: Article 242-243 Territories in Part D of the First Schedule and other territories. It was repealed by 7th Amendment in 1956

X S Provision for Schedule & Tribal Area: Articles 244-244 A Scheduled and tribal areas

Parts added after 1950:

IVA Fundamental Duties Article 51-A Duties of a citizen of India. It was added by the 42nd Amendment in 1976

IX A Municipalities

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