03 Aug

Indian States and their Taglines

Indian States and their Taglines:

1. Kerala- God’s own country.
2. Goa- Go Goa.
3. Punjab- India begins here.
4. Meghalaya – half way to heaven.
5. Orissa- the s0ul of India.
6. Karnataka- one state, many worlds.
7. Gujarat-vibrant gujarat.
8. Himachal Pradesh – unforgettable himachal.
9. Chhattisgarh- full of surprises .
10. Rajasthan- Incredible state of INDIA.
11. Uttar Pradesh- amazing heritage grand experience.
12. Madhya Pradesh- The heart of incredible India.
13. Andhra Pradesh- The essence of incredible India.
14. Arunachal pradesh- The land of dawn-lit mountains.
15. Bihar- blissful bihar.
16. D & N haveli- d land of natural beauty.
17. Haryana- a pi0neer in highway tourism.
18. J&k- Chalo kashmir.
19. Jharkhand- a new experience.
20. Manipur- jewel of India.
21. Nagaland-land of festivals.
22. Sikkim- small but beautiful.
23. TM-enchanting tamilnadu.
24. Tripura-visit agartala.
25. Uttarakhand-exploring uttara.
26. WB-beautiful bengal.
27. Lakshadweep-99%fun in 1%land.
28. Pondicherry- give time a break.
29. New delhi- dildaar delhi.

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