03 May

Idioms & Phrases for Government Exams 2018

CHECK OUT Idioms & Phrases for Government Exams 2018:

Q1. A piece of cake
(a) a tasty dessert
(b) something easily done
(c) part of someone’s happiness
(d) an accomplice
(e) something so much messed up

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S1. Ans.(b) Sol. Simple job that can straightforwardly be accomplished
Example- Don’t worry, Sophie – this job interview will be a piece of cake for you – you have all the skills they need and I think you’re absolutely the best candidate.

Q2. A hot potato
(a) an angry person
(b) a controversial group
(c) a useless person
(d) something hard or terrible to handle
(e) a fat person

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S2. Ans.(d) Sol. A controversial situation that is awkward to deal with
Example- The issue of gun control is a political hot potato in the United States.

Q3. A bed of roses
(a) luxurious thing
(b) beautiful thing
(c) simple solution
(d) painful deed
(e) easy option

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S3. Ans.(e) Sol. An effortless, happy situation
Example- Before separating from family my life was a bed of roses in Australia because my Mom earns for family.

Q4. When pigs fly
(a) foolish matters
(b) funny act
(c) impossible
(d) possible
(e) strange

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S4. Ans.(c) Sol. Something that will never happen
Example- I asked my boss if I could go on a two month vacation, he said yes, when pigs fly!

Q5. Miss the boat
(a) miss the train
(b) miss the chance
(c) miss the conversation
(d) miss the tragedy
(e) miss the fun

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S5. Ans.(b) Sol. To miss out on something
Example- If you don’t pay attention in class, you’ll miss the boat and do badly in your exams.

Q6. Zip your lip
(a) to be ignorant
(b) to be harsh
(c) to stay hush
(d) to remain foolish
(e) to get hurt

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S6. Ans.(c) Sol. To stop talking
Example- Zipping your lip is one difficult task for a fellow to likes to speak his heart out.

Q7. Hold tongue
(a) used when telling people not to speak
(b) to perform tricks
(c) self-control
(d) get injured
(e) for people who are talkative

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S7. Ans.(a) Sol. To keep quiet when one would rather speak
Example- You better hold your tongue while we are in the museum, young man!

Q8. Catnap
(a) a long sleep
(b) a silent sleep
(c) a restless sleep
(d) a dreamless sleep
(e) a short sleep

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S8. Ans.(e) Sol. A short sleep, usually during the day
Example- I had a very late night last night. I think that I will have a catnap during my lunch hour.

Q9. Sea change
(a) to see a change in oneself
(b) an entire change in the plan
(c) an outstanding performance
(d) a striking change in appearance
(e) to appear before the given time

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S9. Ans.(d) Sol. To undergo a complete transformation
Example- There was a sea change in his personality after he married his wife.

Q10. Zip past
(a) to forget the past
(b) to move rapidly
(c) to move slowly
(d) to be harsh
(e) to be generous

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S10. Ans.(b) Sol. To move past (someone or something) very fast
Example- I just zipped past everybody because I really wanted to use the loo first.

Q11. Fit of anger
(a) to beat someone(badly)to dead
(b) to control the anger
(c) to display a very bad temper, often by screaming a lot
(d) to cover up the damage caused
(e) to not to talk anyone because of anger

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S11. Ans.(c) Sol. An outburst that is often seen as unreasonable given the circumstances
Example- I am not used to people displaying fits of anger, it is not acceptable in my family.

Q12. Eat crow
(a) to be non-vegetarian
(b) to abuse someone
(c) to kill someone
(d) being proven wrong after taking a strong stand
(e) being dead

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S12. Ans.(d) Sol. Admitting to being wrong often causing great embarrassment
Example- No that my brother has proved that I was wrong I will have to eat crow.

Q13. On a silver platter
(a) to be so rich
(b) to be on the safe side
(c) to be very lazy
(d) to be happy always
(e) to receive something without having to put in much effort

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S13. Ans.(e) Sol. To receive something without having to put in much effort
Example- I can’t believe that you didn’t finish the project. I handed you the information on a silver platter.

Q14. Figure out
(a) to measure
(b) to clear something up
(c) to estimate
(d) to make someone out of the group
(e) to be doubtful

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S14. Ans.(b) Sol. To solve something by using reasoning
Example- She is going to figure out that you lied to her.

Q15. Warm-hearted
(a) weak and under compelled
(b) happy and cheerful
(c) kind and sympathetic
(d) angry and cruel
(e) foolish and insane

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S15. Ans.(c) Sol. To be kind and loving
Example- Buddha suggested to be a warm-hearted person because kindness is the symbol of good karma.

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