15 Jan

IBPS Specialist Officer Syllabus – Marketing & HR

IBPS Specialist Officer Syllabus – HR:

The concept and significance of organisational behaviour-Skills and Roles in an organisation-Classical, Neo-Classical and Modern Theories of Organisational Structure-Organisational Design-Understanding and Managing individual behaviour personality-Perception-Values-Attitudes-Learning-Motivation. Understanding and Managing Group Behaviour, Processes-Inter-personal and group dynamics-Communication-Leadership-Managing change-Managing conflicts. Organisational Development. Concepts and perspectives in HRM; HRM in changing environment. Human Resource Plarming-Objectives, Process and Techniques. Job analysis-Job Description. Selecting Human Resources. Induction, Training and Development. Exit policy and Implications. Performance Appraisal and Evaluation. Potential Assessment. Job Evaluation. Wage Determination. Industrial Relations and Trade Unions. Dispute Resolution and Grievance Management. Labour Welfare and Social Security Measures.

IBPS Specialist Officer Syllabus – Marketing:

Marketing Environment and Environment Scanning; Marketing Information Systems and Marketing Research; Understanding Consumer and Industrial Markets; Demand Measurement and Forecasting; Market Segmentation-Targeting and Positioning; Product Decisions, Product mix, Product Life Cycle; New Product Development; Branding and Packaging; Pricing Methods and Strategies. Promotion Decisions-Promotion mix; Advertising; Personal Selling; Channel Management; Vertical Marketing Systems; Evaluation and Control of Marketing Effort; Marketing of Services; Customer Relation Management Uses of Internet as a Marketing Medium-Other related issues like branding, market development, Advertising and retailing on the net. New issues in Marketing.

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