03 Aug

General Awareness Quiz August 2015

Q.1. Recently with which country India signed an agreement to manufacture 200 helicopters with the collaboration of that country?
Ans: (2) Russia
Q.2. Recently India and Russia have fixed a trade target of $30 billion to be achieved by ___________.
Ans: (5) 2025
Q.3. Which of the following has bagged 2015 Pacific Asia Travel Association award?
Ans: (3) Kerala Tourism
Q.4. Recently Formula One driver Jules Bianchi passed away. He belonged to which country?
Ans: (4) France
Q.5. Recently the Asian Development Bank (ADB) retained its India GDP growth projection for FY 2015-16 at _____________.
Ans: (1) 7.8 percent
Q.6. Recently which country has knighted South African freedom fighter Ahmed Kathrada for his life-long service to the community?
Ans: (2) France
Q.7. Recently who has been appointed as the new Director of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII)?
Ans: (3) Prashant Pathrabe
Q.8. Name the Indian-origin doctor who has received the honorary fellowship by University of Central Lancashire, England?
Ans: (1) Shiv Pande
Q.9. Recently RBI signed a special currency swap agreement with _______.
Ans: (4) Central Bank of Sri Lanka

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