31 Aug

English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary

Imbroglio – Complicated or confused situation.
Clamour – Din.
Secede – To withdraw from membership.
Galore – In plenty.
Brethren – Brothers.
Ingratitude – Lack of gratitude.
Naïve – Unsophisticated.
Monger – Trader.
Arson – Unlawful act of setting on fire.
Succumb – To give way to, to yield.

Rampart – Broad wall built as a defense.
Lofty – Very high.
Partisan – One devoted to a cause, a group, a party.
Oration – A formal public speech.
Trot – Run at moderate space with small steps.
Obdurate – Stubborn.
Heinous – Hateful.
Repudiate – To disown.
Jingo – Bellicose patriot.
Impudence – Being shamelessly rude.
Riposte – A swift sharp reply in speech or action.
Vintage – The time when something of quality was produced.
Oppression – Tyrannies.
Dissident – Being disagree.
Juncture – Point of time.
Divisive – Causing disagreement or hostility between people.

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