23 Dec

Daily Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Current Affairs Questions & Answers – Dec 23, 2015
1) RBI announced new _________ moving towards marginal cost of funds methodology for interest rate on advances.
a. Base Rate Index
b. Base Rate Formula
c. Base Rate Percentage
d. Base Rate Ratio
ANSWER: Base Rate Formula
2) Apple has named which executive as the COO on 17th December 2015?
a. Johnny Srouji
b. Jeff Williams
c. Tim Cook
d. None of the above
ANSWER: Jeff Williams
3) Which ride hailing app hired start up veteran Evan Cohen to head its East Coast Operations?
a. Lyft
b. Uber
c. Ola
d. None of the above
4) Which Twitter executive is set to quit the company next month?
a. Daljeet Singh
b. Baljeet Singh
c. Glenn Brown
d. None of the above
ANSWER: Baljeet Singh
5) ADAG’s Reliance Entertainment announced a JV called Amblin Partners with which acclaimed Hollywood director?
a. James Cameron
b. Quentin Tarantino
c. Steven Spielberg
d. Stanley Kubrick
ANSWER: Steven Spielberg
6) Jet Airways CEO Cramer Ball has resigned to be replaced by which executive as acting CEO?
a. Gaurang Shetty
b. Silvano Cassano
c. Naresh Goyal
d. None of the above
ANSWER: Gaurang Shetty
7) Fokker Technologies signed an LTA with which Indian company on 17th December 2015?
a. Asahi
b. Aequs
c. Reliance
d. M&M
8) Team of physicists at Large Hadron Collider in CERN have discovered traces of a new _______ particle of nature.
a. Basic
b. Fundamental
c. Radioactive
d. None of the above
ANSWER: Fundamental
9) Hubble Space Telescope captured the first ever __________ explosion.
a. Supernova
b. Atomic
c. Nuclear
d. Hydrogen
ANSWER: Supernova
10) Scientists have discovered new species of sail backed dinosaur called _________ in Spain.
a. Morelladon beltrani
b. Torelladon deltrani
c. Porelladon keltrani
d. Norelladon celtrani
ANSWER: Morelladon beltrani

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