05 Jun

Most Common Grammatical Errors in English

  1. I have visited Jaipur last weekend. (wrong)
    • I visited Jaipur last weekend. (correct)
  2. The woman which works here is from China. (wrong)
    • The woman who works here is from China. (correct)
  3. She’s married with a dentist. (wrong)
    • She’s married to a dentist. (correct)
  4. She was boring in the class. (wrong)
    • She was bored in the class.  (correct)
  5. I must to call him immediately.  (wrong)
    • I must call him immediately. (correct)
  6. Every students like the teacher.  (wrong)
    • Every student likes the teacher.  (correct)
  7. Although it was raining, but we had the picnic.  (wrong)
    • Although it was raining, we had the picnic.  (correct)
  8. I enjoyed from the movie.  (wrong)
    • I enjoyed the movie. (correct)
  9. I look forward to meet you. (wrong)
    • I look forward to meeting you. (correct)
  10. I like very much ice cream.  (wrong)
    • I like ice cream very much. (correct)

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