06 Jan

Books and Authors – MCQs

Books and Authors – MCQs
1. Which one of the following is written by Donna Trott?
a) The goldfinch
b) What young India wants
c) Substance and Shadow
d) None
ANSWER: a) The goldfinch
2. K. Giriprakash wrote a book on whom among the following?
a) Lakshmi Mittal
b) Mukesh Ambani
c) Subrata Roy
d) Vijay Mallya
ANSWER: d) Vijay Mallya
3. Who is the author of ‘What young India wants’?
a) Amish Tripati
b) Chetan Bhagat
c) Durjoy Datta
d) Ravinder Singh
ANSWER: b) Chetan Bhagat
4. Who is the author of “3 Sections�
a) Arvind Krishna Mehtotra
b) Arun Kolatkar
c) Nissim Ezekiel
d) Vijay Seshadri
ANSWER: d) Vijay Seshadri
5. Who is the author of “Sahara: the untold story”?
a) Aditya Puri
b) Kamalesh Chandra Chakrabarty
c) Subrata Roy
d) Tamal Bandyopadhyay
ANSWER: d) Tamal Bandyopadhyay
6. Who published ‘Young India’?
a) Indira Gandhi
b) Jawaharlal Nehru
c) Mahatma Gandhi
d) Mother Teresa
ANSWER: c) Mahatma Gandhi
7. Who is the author of ‘The Inheritance of Loss’?
a) Anita Desai
b) Amitav Ghosh
c) Aravind Adiga
d) Kiran Desai
ANSWER: d) Kiran Desai
8. Who is the author of “A Suitable Boy”?
a) Amitav Ghosh
b) Arundhati Roy
c) Jhumpa Lahiri
d) Vikram Seth
ANSWER: d) Vikram Seth
9. Who is the author of “Cry, the Peacock”?
a) Anita Desai
b) Arundhati Roy
c) Kiran Desai
d) R. K. Narayan
ANSWER: a) Anita Desai

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