31 Mar

Best Books for SBI Clerk 2018 Preparation

IBPS has released the tentative exam dates for IBPS Clerk 2018 Exam. According to IBPS Calendar, IBPS Clerk 2018-19 Prelims exam is scheduled on 08.12.2018, 09.12.2018, 15.12.2018 & 16.12.2018 and mains exam is scheduled on 20.01.2019. IBPS Clerk 2018-19 notification for the recruitment of Clerks will be released in the month of September. IBPS Clerk 2018 is going to be an opportunity for those who have not been able to get through SBI and other Bank Recruitment Exams.

Best Books for IBPS 2018

These books are best not just for IBPS clerk exam but for all exams conducted by IBPS such as Bank PO, Bank SO, etc.

Check out the Best Books for IBPS Clerks 2018 Preparation:

1) Books for Numerical Ability / Quantitative Aptitude :

Magical Book on Quicker Maths by M Tyra
Reason for buying this Book : This book is helpful to learn new short tricks if you are preparing your self )
Link to buy this book : Click HERE to buy this book

Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations by RS Aggrawal
Reason for buying this book : This is one of the best book for quantitative aptitude from many years. This book consists of a number of practice problems with detailed explanations. The problem with this book is, this book follows traditional approach and it doesn’t focus on shortcut methods. Still I highly recommend this book for clearing basics of each topic.
Link to buy this book : Click HERE to buy this book

Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Verma (Arihant) Latest Edition 2018
Reason for buying this Book : This Book also consists lots of shortcut techniques for each topic, but you can’t start your preparation with this book because the intro parts of the topics are not good. So you should buy this book after clearing the basic concepts.
Link to buy this book : Click HERE to buy this book

2) Books for Reasoning Ability

Test of Reasoning for All Competitive Examinations by Edgar Thorpe Edition 2017
Reason for buying this Book : Useful book for beginners with detailed explanations. But very less questions for practice.
Link to buy this book : Click HERE to buy this book

RS Aggarwal’s Modern Approach to verbal and non-verbal reasoning (S.Chand Publication)
Reason for buying this Book : With over 1600+ pages, this book almost covers every important topic of Reasoning section with lots of examples. The only drawback of this book is, the ‘Syllogism’ topic is not included in this book.
Link to buy this book : Click HERE to buy this book

Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey (BSC publication)
Reason for buying this Book : Good book for analytical reasoning with detailed explanations and number of practice questions.
Link to buy this book : Click HERE to buy this book

3) Books for General English

High School English Grammar & Composition by Wren & Martin
Reason for buying this Book : Explain everything from basics. All topics are explained with good number of examples for practicing. This book has very good number of exercises too, but please note that you have to buy the KEY for the exercises given in this book separately (check the link below).
Link to buy this book : Click HERE to buy this book
Link to buy the Key : Click HERE to buy the key

Objective General English by SP Bakshi (Arihant Publication)
Reason for buying this Book : Good book with all the concepts fully covered. But not useful for beginners. If you are good at basics, then this book is useful for brushing your knowledge.
Link to buy this book : Click HERE to buy this book

Word power made easy written by Norman Lewis
Reason for buying this Book :This book really helps you in improving your vocabulary. If you feel you don’t have enough time to read this book, then simply go with the Daily Hindu Vocabulary series published by Gr8AmbitionZ. This will be enough for SBI Clerical exam point of view.
Link to buy this book : Click HERE to buy this book

4) Books for General Awareness

For Standard GK
Lucent’s General Knowledge (latest edition)
Reason for buying this Book : A must have book for preparing the static GK part.
Link to buy this book : Click here to Buy it

Manorama Yearbook 2018
Reason for buying this Book : Good book for a quick review of the current affairs and updated standard GK of the year 2017. Has some good info about GST and State wise GK in simple English. The only problem with this book is it has more than enough information which is not required for SBI Bank clerk exam.
Link to buy this book : Click HERE to buy this book

For Standard Banking Awareness
Banking Awareness (by Arihant)
Reason for buying this Book : Covers standard banking awareness topics. But keep in mind, you can’t completely rely on this book because most of the questions comes from the recent banking updates. For which Gr8AmbitionZ materials and monthly pdf files are more than enough.
Link to buy this book : Click HERE to buy this book

5) Books for Computer Knowledge:

Computer Literacy And Knowledge for Bank PO and Bank Clerk Exam by Kiran Prakashan
Reason for buying this Book : The book has good theory and practice set. Language of this book is very easy and understandable. Also contains the previous years computer section questions.
Link to buy this book : Click HERE to buy this book

Lucent’s Computer by Rani Ahilya
Reason for buying this Book : Small and simple book for basics.
Link to buy this book : Click HERE to buy this book

Please share in comments if you know more of such amazing books that can help students to score best marks in these examinations. Also, do share this post with your friends.

26 Mar

What Is 6÷2(1+2) = ? The Correct Answer Explained


What is 6÷2(1+2) = ?

This problem is one of the most viral mathematics’ question on internet such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What Is 6÷2(1+2) = ? The Correct Answer Explained

Check out the video below for correct answer explained:

The problem can be solved by the order of operations, known as BODMAS.

First evaluate Brackets, then evaluate Orders, then evaluate Multiplication, Division, and finally evaluate Addition-Subtraction.

Everyone is in agreement about the first step: simplify the addition inside of the parentheses.

= 6÷2(3)

This is where the debate starts.

The answer is 9

= 3(3) = 9.

07 Mar

How to prepare notes for any government exams

Making good study-notes is very crucial in the preparation for any government or entrance exam. A student needs to start preparing notes from the start. Having good study-notes helps you in learning your lessons easily and also helps a great deal in the revision just before exam.

Apart from that, Study-notes helps you prepare for the next examination in a very less time as it contains all the important points for your revision.

The following are the Characteristics of Good Study Notes:

-They are Easy to understand and learn
-It saves your precious time
-It contains the important ideas of class-lecture and book
-It has data for preparation for exam in a proper sequence
-It has collective extracts from many books – you don’t need read many books
-It tells you how to present your answer in exam
-Being made by you, you can feel confident about it & acquainted with it
– It helps in revision again and again

Check out the video below which guides you through to prepare good study notes:

07 Mar

Speed Maths for Very Fast calculation for IBPS and SSC

Maths is one of the most important section in all the government exams and even entrance tests of various colleges. You need to do fast calculations in order to secure good marks in the exams. Most of the times, the level of questions is not so tough as compared to the time consuming part of mathematics questions.

You must have read many books which helps you to improve your speed to solve maths’ questions with utmost accuracy. Today, we are sharing amazing video to speed up your maths for very fast calculations.

This is great when you need to speed through your multiplication exams’ questions, and is also good to brush up your skills in general mathematics.

06 Mar

What is Kashmir Issue? | Indian History for UPSC/IAS/SSC

Kashmir is one of the biggest issue India is facing as of now. Every day we get to hear news about clashes, attacks, violence in Kashmir due to the issue we are facing since our Independence in 1947. This topic is not just important for our basic general knowledge but it is also very important from the exam point of view.

This is one of most important topic in Indian History for the exams like UPSC/IAS/SSC, so you need to know everything about Kashmir Issue.

Check out the video below to know about the entire Kashmir Issue:

06 Mar

How to become an IAS officer – Complete Process – How To Fill Form To Interview

Every year, many aspiring candidates strive to become IAS officer in our country. In this article, we are sharing a beautiful video that takes you through the entire process from filling up the form of IAS , preparing for the preliminary exam , preparation of mains exam and finally preparation of interview and clearing the entire process of IAS exam and becoming an IAS officer.

Check out the video below:

06 Mar

Nutrition And Diet During The Preparation of Exams

Nutrition And Diet During The Preparation of Exams:

Exams are approaching, students and parents alike are anxious to beat the examination stress smoothly. Whether you are preparing for board exams or government jobs’ exams, these tips will be really helpful for your physical and mental health.

Here are few tips for Students and Parents to relieve a part of this stress-

1. Always start your day with fruit for improving concentration in class and during exams.

2. Never skip your breakfast, homemade breakfast like poha, daliya, upma, parantha etc. will keep you alert and productive all day though.

3. Try and carry portable meals in your bag when going for classes-peanuts, makhane, channe, sprouts, fruits, ladoos or chikki to snack on when you get packish between lectures.

4. When staying up to late study, have grilled sandwich or chapati with jaggery and ghee or fruit smoothie.

5. During exams, eat foods that are familiar with.
Avoid chips, biscuits, processed packed products for better memory.

6. The night before exam, opt for rice based meal- khichri, curd-rice or dal-rice-ghee is ideal to stay satisfied and keep anxiety under control.

7.Avoiding green leafy vegetables,poha, sprouts, amla, lemon can cause iron deficiency called anaemia.

8. Watching TV,mobile,laptop,tabs while having food interferes in absorption of good nutrients in body. Stop use of gadgets 60 mins before going to bed.

9. Prepare healthy snacks in evening instead of junk and street food like sprouts chaat, channa chaat, panner salad, egg salad, vegetable poha etc.

10.Opt for healthy options while eating out with friends after exam like choosing Indian cuisine instead of burgers and pizzas.

11. Include brain foods in your diet like walnuts, almonds, coconut, flaxseeds, figs, pumpkin seeds, fruits and vegetables.

12. Exercise 150 mins per week. Habits formed now, goes forever with you.
Love yourself. Good luck for exams.


04 Mar

SSC CGL Exam Scam/Paper Leak 2018 : Everything You Need to Know About

If you are not aware and were busy in celebrating festivals and enjoying long weekend, the aspirants of SSC CGL 2017 are protesting since 27th February against alleged cheating and paper leak, slept outside SSC office on hunger strike at CGO Complex, New Delhi last night. Today, they ate their food on the road.

The protesting candidates are demanding the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) enquiry into the allegations of scam and paper leak on Staff Selection Commission (SSC)’s Combined Graduate Level (CGL ) tier II exam held recently in February 2018.

On February 17, 2018, on the first day of CGL tier 2 exam, SSC had to cancel the second shift exam at one venue — Animate Infotech, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate — in New Delhi on the basis of “prime facie evidence it had received”. According to the commission, “Prima-facie evidence clearly indicated that the entire episode was created by some unruly elements, with a malafide intention, to try to disrupt the examination”. (Read that notice HERE).
On February 24, the SSC released a notice saying that the exam held on February 21 was delayed due to “technical reasons” and will be re-conducted on March 9, 2018 (Read that notice HERE).

As soon as the notice came out, there was an outrage among all the students. various videos & messages started circulating on social media which indicated that some questions got leaked.This led to the speculation among candidates that cheating took place in some exam centers. Which eventually led to the cancellation of the Quantitative Aptitude Exam.

On Wednesday, SSC Chairman Ashim Khurana issued a notice and said that the protests are being “instigated and sponsored by two coaching institutes/ agencies with vested interests.”

“It has been brought to the notice of the Commission that the present agitation going on since yesterday near the Office of the Commission by some candidates of CGLE (Tier-II) 2017, is being actively instigated and sponsored by two Coaching Institutes/ agencies with vested interests,” said Khurana.

He said the SSC had agreed to meet the representatives of the agitating group and during that meeting, they were directed to furnish substantive evidence in support of their allegations. For the past few days, the students have been doing exactly the same. Using the hashtag #SSCscam, they have been sharing several incidents of leakage. What’s ridiculous is that the government body would rather see students waste their time in investigations (that the SSC is supposed to conduct) than study for their next paper or work at respectable jobs.

This isn’t the first time that the Staff Selection Commission is facing criticisms and allegations of corruption.

Students coming out in such huge numbers for their rights is a move that needs to be appreciated by each of us and we hope that justice is meted out soon.

Check out the posts on Social Media below regarding this SSC CGL Exam Scam/Paper Leak 2018:

Please share your views regarding the scam below.